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The Business Review Albany. Joseph in the Pine Hills section of Albany. Finance capital district dating insurance employs becoming swingers percent of the workforce in the area. The city of MechanicvilleSaratoga County capital district dating a public transit service on four routes which cover the city and the surrounding suburbs in the towns of Stillwater and Halfmoon in Saratoga County escort honduras the hamlet of Hemstreet Park in the town of Schaghticoke, Rensselaer County. Escortadana org home Posted by Becca Huh?? She lives in Hudsonin the Capital District. The Upper Hudson Region has 26 airports open to public use, with 13 designated as system airports.
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Whether wind power, geothermal energy, biomass or hydrogen: A capital district dating range of our product solutions ensure that these naturally occurring, renewable energy sources can be extracted in an environmentally sound way, used in a sustainable, efficient manner, distributed, and safely and accessibly stored. For shemale escort kourtney good of people and nature.

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The abundance of small creeks with waterfalls led to early adoption of the waterwheel , while water navigation south on the Hudson and land routes west along the relatively flat Mohawk Valley allowed for easy access to and from resources and markets in those areas. In the late s stage lines began to connect the various cities and villages in the area; this network would then connect the area to the rest of the country in the early 19th century.

The early 19th century also saw the rise of turnpikes the Great Western Turnpike would be the first in , plank roads , and post roads. It was in Albany in that Robert Fulton first demonstrated that steam boats could be economically successful with a trip to the city of New York.

In , to support the army in the War of , the US government built the Watervliet Arsenal in West Troy, one of the earliest large scale industrial complexes in the Capital District. The Champlain and Erie canals were opened in [29] and , [30] respectively.

Their completion connected the area to the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River , leading to a large influx in industrialization and immigration. Industry consequently became prominent in the area. Gloversville was labeled the "headquarters of the glove and mitten industry" and became the preeminent glove-manufacturing and leather-working region in New York. The nature of this industry lent itself to the creation of many labor-saving inventions, such as the horseshoe machine of Henry Burden , the pre-shrinking fabric machines of Sanford Cluett, the power knitting loom of Timothy Bailey, the railroad air-brake of George Westinghouse , and the hundreds of electricity-related improvements of General Electric Company scientists.

Meanwhile, the suburbs saw an influx in population and grew at the expense of the city of Albany. The decline of exporting from the United States contributed to a general decline as well.

Watervliet, Cohoes, and especially Troy lost a competitive edge that came with being at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers: The suburbs had large open spaces for office parks and homes while the cities were constrained in available land.

Albany International, with their headquarters and factory straddling the Menands and Albany border, built a new headquarters in in suburban East Greenbush, [39] as did Garden Way, headquartered in Troy. Not only was there a shift in population to the suburbs, a shift in retail shopping occurred as well. Retail sales in the cities declined a percent between and , while having increased 63 percent in the suburbs. Two years later, Stuyvesant Plaza was built outside Albany, in the neighboring town of Guilderland.

Several more enclosed malls were built in the area after Colonie Center's debut, all outside Albany limits: In the late s historic parts of Albany, as well as areas of Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga Springs all began to see intensive restoration with an influx of private investments.

During the Pataki administration a plan referred to as the "Albany Plan" was devised to move state workers out of the W. New construction also occurred at other levels of government with the building of the Albany County Family Court and with the city refurbishing the Palace Theatre.

Private investment in downtown Albany saw an influx of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs; especially on Pearl Street and the first new office high rise in 15 years was built on Broadway. Along with Proctor's being expanded, two new hotels, a large movie theater, and the headquarters of Price Chopper moving Downtown from the suburbs of neighboring Rotterdam, that section has seen a huge revival. The Capital District's most prominent geological features were formed by glaciers creating its major rivers and valleys through ancient mountain ranges.

The Hudson River forms the Hudson Valley which is a north-south running valley through the core of the Capital District while its tributary the Mohawk River forms the Mohawk Valley which runs west from Schenectady, the Schoharie Creek , a tributary of the Mohawk, forms the Schoharie Valley which runs through Schoharie County.

Major mountain ranges are the Adirondack Mountains in the northwestern area and the Appalachian Mountains along the southern and eastern sections. The Capital District has a humid continental climate , with cold, snowy winters, and hot, wet summers.

Albany receives around The core of the region is however, close enough to the coast to receive heavy snow from Nor'easters , and the region gets the bulk of its yearly snowfall from these types of storms. The region also occasionally receives Alberta clippers. Mohawk—Hudson convergence occasionally prolongs snowfall events in the Capital District, where precipitation has ended elsewhere across the region.

Severe thunderstorms are common but tornadoes are rare. Albany receives on average per year 69 sunny days, partly cloudy days, and cloudy days; [53] and an average, over the course of a year, of less than four hours of sunshine per day, with just over an average of 2.

The Capital District, having a history of settlement stretching back years, has had many different architectural styles built over the years. Early Dutch farmhouses are still standing in the rural towns, especially west of Albany, such as the Mabee House. In American Architect and Building News , a magazine with national circulation, polled its readers asking what the nation's Top Ten most beautiful buildings were.

Two buildings in the city of Albany made the list: Troy has many distinctive features in architecture that sets it apart, such as its ornamental ironwork, cast-iron storefronts such as the Arts Center of the Capital Region, and the abundance of windows by Tiffany such as St. Washington Park in Troy is one of only two privately owned urban ornamental parks in the state. Schenectady's Stockade neighborhood has representations of residential architecture from all periods in its year history including Dutch, Federal, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Victorian.

For recreation the Capital District has many state and local parks, preserves, hiking trails, public pools, and ice skating rinks. The following state parks are in the Capital District: Cherry Plain , Max V.

The boundaries of the Adirondack and Catskill parks are often referred to as the Blue Line. Much of Greene County is in the Catskill Park. The various municipalities of the Capital District have established many parks, small and large, for the recreational enjoyment of the residents and visitors of the area. Central Park in the city of Schenectady has over 4, individual rose bushes of between and different varieties in its rose garden at the Wright Avenue entrance.

The tradition stems from when Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd got a city ordinance passed declaring the tulip as Albany's official flower on July 1, In addition, he sent a request to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands to name a variety as Albany's tulip.

On July 11, her reply was "Her Majesty gladly accepts the invitation to designate a tulip as the official flower of Albany. The first Tulip Fest was celebrated the next year on May 14, with opening ceremonies still carried on today as tradition, such as the sweeping of State Street and the crowning of a Tulip Queen.

Other major festivals in the Capital District include ethnic festivals. Regional malls are located in Schenectady, Saratoga, and Warren counties. In the Capital District are several regional amusement parks and water parks. Huck Finn's Playland in the North end of Albany is a children's amusement park. During the winter months the Capital District has many places to go for such cold-weather activities as skiing, snowboarding , tubing , ice fishing , snowshoeing , snowmobiling , and ice climbing.

The 11 counties of the Capital District are divided into 13 cities and towns, with 62 villages that are inside one or more towns. One village, Green Island is coterminous with its town and share only one government institution. The municipalities in the Capital District range in size from villages with a few hundred residents to Albany the largest city with over 95, and Colonie the largest town with over 80, The Capital District has been pivotal in the history of Santa Claus in the United States including the first written reference to Santa Sinterclaas in and the first publishing of 'Twas the Night before Christmas in In terms of broadcast media, Albany is part of Arbitron market 63 radio , and Nielsen DMA 57 television , and is a broadcast market with historical relevance.

In the early s, the greater Albany market had the distinction of having the highest concentration of FM broadcast stations east of the Mississippi River. There are no radio stations in the Albany area that provide programming in languages other than English on a full-time basis. A few individual programs; in languages including Spanish, Italian, and Arabic; are scheduled primarily on college owned and operated stations.

The Albany Times Union is the area's primary daily newspaper; its headquarters moved to suburban Colonie from Albany in the s after a dispute with then-Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd over land needed for expansion. Metroland is the alternative newsweekly in the area, publishing each Thursday, while The Business Review is a business weekly published each Friday. The Capital District has been the birthplace of several important foods in American food culture.

The club sandwich was also invented in Saratoga Springs, at the Saratoga Club-house, today the Canfield Casino , in Sturgeon in the Hudson River was once so plentiful that the fish was referred to as " Albany beef ".

Though the Capital District is not well known for its sports teams it does have a rich history of professional teams and college athletics. Nearly half of the original Gotham players had been members of the Trojans.

Three years later, the Patroons completed a 50—6 regular season, including winning all 28 of their home games; at that time, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl was the Patroons' head coach. Riley played for Linton High School in Schenectady, [87] where he was also a football star. Mike Tyson received his early training in the Capital District and his first professional fight was in Albany in and Tyson's first televised fight was in Troy in He fought professionally four times in Albany and twice each in Troy and Glens Falls between and The economy of the Capital District was at the beginning of settlement by Europeans dominated by the fur trade, especially in beaver pelts, hence Albany's early name of Beverwyck.

But as settlement grew and matured the economy became traditionally anchored by several large manufacturing industries, such as the glove and leather industry in Fulton and Montgomery counties, American Locomotive and General Electric in Schenectady, first steel and then the shirt industry in Troy, and lumber in Albany and Watervliet.

Now the economy of the region is heavily anchored by the state as the largest employer in the eleven-county region, [90] employing thirteen percent of the non-farm workforce in the Capital District.

Albany Medical Center , St. Peter's Health Care Services, and Northeast Health are the fourth, fifth, and sixth largest employers in the eleven-county Capital District. Manufacturing has been disappearing but is still important, and makes up six percent of the non-farm workforce. The Capital District has historically been linked to banking, finance, and insurance. Bank of Albany, founded in , was the second bank established in the state, [96] and American Express was founded in Albany.

Finance and insurance employs six percent of the workforce in the area. Though Bank of America is the nation's largest bank it ranks only sixth in the region in bank deposits.

Since the s, the economy of the Capital District has been redirected toward high technology. The area's high technology ecosystem is supported by technologically focused academic institutions including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights , and others. It has a population of 1,, according to the US census, [] and is ranked 38 out of the CSAs in the US , [2] and is the third largest in the state.

The Albany MSA includes only interior counties and was ranked the 56th most populous in the United States of America in the census. The area contains three congressional districts. The 20th district makes up most of the south, east, and north of the Capital District, while much of the rest is part of the 21st district. A small part of Fulton County is part of 19th district. The area is represented in the State Legislature by nine Assembly districts and four Senate districts.

The smallest district by student enrollment is North Greenbush Common School District, with 20 students in [] and the largest school district is Shenendehowa Central School District , with 9, students in the end of the school year.

By far the largest educational institution in the Capital District is The University at Albany , one of the four major university centers of the State University of New York. It has an enrollment of over 17, students from more than nations at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Students can choose from undergraduate majors and minors and plus graduate programs.

Many of these programs are nationally ranked, among them criminal justice, information technology, public administration, social welfare and sociology. The colleges and universities of the Capital District have a long and distinguished heritage. Saratoga Springs is the home of Skidmore College, a liberal arts college founded in Rose College, founded by the Sisters of St.

Joseph in the Pine Hills section of Albany. Albany has long been at the forefront of transportation technology from the days of turnpikes and plank roads to the Erie Canal, from the first passenger railroad in the state to the oldest municipal airport in the nation.

Every metropolitan area in the United States with a population of over 50, must have a MPO in order to get any federal transportation funding. The Capital District is situated at a major crossroads of the Northeastern United States , and was so even before Interstates and the US highway system. Many of the US and state routes were originally plank roads or turnpikes connecting the region. Dewey New York State Thruway.

Exit 24 is the busiest exit on the Thruway. North of Albany I is a non-toll highway called the Adirondack Northway. East of Albany I is toll-free until meeting up with the Berkshire Spur of the Thruway in Columbia County, at which point it joins the Spur and is a toll road to the Massachusetts border.

I parallels New York State Route 32 Route 32 , which remains an important road through those cities and beyond to and through Saratoga County. I connects downtown Schenectady and the General Electric plant with I at both ends east and west. I parallels New York State Route 7 Route 7 also another major highway in the Capital District, I's extension that was never built was to continue to parallel and in many places replace Route 7. One place in the Capital District in which I's route has been built but remained as part of a restructured Route 7 is the limited access highway section between the Northway and Troy, it was once called "Alternate 7".

Route 7 continues through Troy and is an important route to Vermont. Albany has several short arterials that help connect it to the suburban and rural fringes, such as New York State Route 85 which begins as a limited access highway from I in Albany, but then changes to a two lane highway south of the city limits, and the South Mall Arterial which connects Albany to Rensselaer and carries US Route 20 and US Route 9.

US Route 4 is an important route in the Capital District and starts in East Greenbush, Rensselaer County and though it is labelled as east-west in the other states in which it runs, it is labelled as north-south in New York.

The four core counties of the Capital District are served by buses of the Capital District Transportation Authority , which has transit hubs in the three principal cities of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy.

There is also express bus service between Saratoga Springs and Albany. The CDTA serves a large part of Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady counties, and has recently started expanding its service in Saratoga County, [] but currently does not serve north of Saratoga Springs. The Gloversville Transit System covers the twin cities of Gloversville and Johnstown along with their suburbs in Fulton County, along with one longer distance route to and through Amsterdam in Montgomery County and back.

The Schoharie County Public Transit services a large swath of that county. The city of Mechanicville , Saratoga County runs a public transit service on four routes which cover the city and the surrounding suburbs in the towns of Stillwater and Halfmoon in Saratoga County and the hamlet of Hemstreet Park in the town of Schaghticoke, Rensselaer County.

In the FAA assigned the Capital District Regional Planning Commission to be responsible for this region's aviation system planning and to provide technical assistance. The Upper Hudson Region has 26 airports open to public use, with 13 designated as system airports.

Amtrak has several routes servicing the stations of the Capital District. Amtrak stations in the region are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Capital District in New York. For other uses, see capital districts and territories and capital region. Timelines of town creation. Timeline of town creation in New York's Capital District. Places adjacent to Capital District, New York. List of incorporated places in New York's Capital District. Culture in New York's Capital District.

Media in New York's Capital District. Sports in New York's Capital District. I often feel quite Alienated here as a matter of fact because I don't really fit in with either my caucasian student peers, due to being from a low income background nor the African American populace due to experiencing life from a different ethnical disposition, nor the asian demographic because they tend to stick within their circles.

So I really have no idea which direction to turn in. On the one hand I am urban and street wise, on the other I am educated and book smart. One would think it is the perfect balance to survive in todays world but it actually has me rather confused in the romance circuit. I can't stand women who "talk ghetto". Sorry if that sounds judgmental but it does not attract me at all. It is purely a biological perspective.

I hear them and I am turned off immensely. I think they sound like men, but that's just me. On the other hand I feel Alienated from educated women also because they seem to only want men with money. So I am "stuck between a rock and a hard place" to quote something my grandma use to say. Here is one more piece of hopefully helpful information. Often I will meet a sweet, pretty and open hearted girl.

She may "seem to" like me. We have amazing conversation, and it seems to be headed in the right direction, but something is blocking me from taking the next step, making the next move. And they usually end up with an uneducated jerk who mistreats them. Or end up with some guy who looks "tough" whether he is or not. And thus the Dilemma. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Well for one, I'd put less of an emphasis on race. I don't know why that's such a big issue. Second, I'd be less picky if I were you. Even if you don't find the most perfect woman to date, you can still find some good friends.

And believe me, friends don't have to be perfect either. Other than that I would join a few clubs if I were you. There's an Albany young professionals club that might be a good fit. There's a hiking club, a singles club, a movie club, a Trekkie club, whatever strikes your fancy. Just don't join clubs with solely the intent to meet people.

Go there to have fun first, and meet people second. Other then that you can try dating sites. Various dating sites have a filter where you can pick out educated, college graduates, etc. If you're interested in sports at all there are various softball, kickball, flag football groups you can join. They all go out and at and then have a beer afterwards. If you're interested in in more educational affairs UAlbany and St.

Rose host a bunch of lectures from authors frequently. Do these things to have fun. The girls will come eventually, just keep yourself open and friendly. Originally Posted by hock Capitol Hill - Washington, DC. I do not think people should have to pay to meet other people. Originally Posted by Becca There are quite a few free online dating sites.

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Originally Posted by Becca Office of Management and Budget. Albany Icon- Accomplishments Webhome. I don't know why that's such a big issue. I hear them and I am turned off immensely. Information accurate as of Archived from the original on February 10,
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