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Subscribe To Parenting Issues. My daughter just graduated last June, we were so proud of her. She has since got a part time job and a boyfriend. She has known this boy for about 4 years. For a while she would spend her time at work and with her boyfriend then come home at Her boyfriend has an abusive father in another state and a drug addict mother who just got out of prison, he has been living with grandparents.

About a month ago he got kicked out of his house. So, he is homeless. My daughter wants him to stay at our home! We checked the internet and learned that this boy has been arested 5 times in the last year.

He also got a ticket for driving without a liscence, my car, and ran into the back of someone. Anyway, we said hell no he cant live with us, so my daughter basically ran away with him for the night which they spent behind a church. Since then she has spent several nights away with him at random peoples houses. Any time we say something to her about the relationship we can count on her not being home that night.

We are really worried about her but can not say anything about it. We even tried taking the car and her phone. That night she left the house on foot and we had no way to get in touch with her. It is only a matter of time before this guy ends up dead or in prison and we are worried that he will take her with him. He has texted us several times giving us his sob story saying things would be better if he could live with us.

We tell him to get a job and then he can get a roof over his head, it is pretty obvious that is not something he is going to do and will go through my daughters paycheck in two days. We have warned her that when her savings go dry we can not help her. No you are not over reacting Also I would say that don't give up now Give it some time May be with time she realizes it herself Or she grows to a level where that guy couldn't reach and backs out himself If it is destined to be then no one can help it We can just wait and watch and do our bit Don't worry too much Best of luck May god bless you and your daughter with a great life ahead.

Sir,i think it is natural for a dad to look for a good match for his daughter May be you are getting judg emental as you have been building a particular neat ,sophisticated ,career oriented image of your prospective son-in-law in your mind as every father does but now as this is not the case it is annoying you very much.. Even yes then whether he will be able to keep your daughter happy, will he be able to provide her with a good standard of living??

Answered Oct 1, This surely seems like one hell of a problem! Your daughter has taken the saying " opposites attract" way too seriously. Judging from the description you gave of this guy, he seems like a living nightmare for any father but sadly for you ,your daughter thinks of him as her prince charming.

Now there are two possibilities in this situation of yours. He's really the bad guy you think he is and in that case is highly unsuitable for your daughter.

There's more to this guy than you think and you need to dig deeper to know the real him. In both the situations you need to maintain your calm and be a spectator. As difficult as it is but this seems to be the sensible thing to do given your daughter is "in love" with him and by openly expressing your disapproval of her realtionship you might repulse her.

Considering your daughter is a shy and reserved person she's looking for thrill in her life which she has been deprived of so far.. You have to show some faith in her decision and support her nevertheless. In doing so you might get a chance at changing her mind or may be you'd realise her decision wasn't wrong all along. Answered Sep 25, You just need to sit with your daughter. Dont expect answer immediately. Related Questions What kind of girls do rich guys prefer to date?

What kind of girl would guys like to date? How do I date a guy who is already dating? How can I date a guy? What kind of guy would you date?

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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. It is only a matter of time before this guy ends up dead or in prison and we are worried that he will take her with him. He also got a ticket for driving without a liscence, my car, and ran into the back of someone. That approach doesn't seem to be working, does it? When I received this question from a HuffPost reader, it took me back to two particular times when my own mom and I were facing this issue. Approaching her with love and concern is crucial to persuading her to stop dating a loser.
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