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Cambridge is depicted as a place of ignorance. A young girl goes missing after attending the May ball. Lives helen london escort Oakdale, Connecticut. A girl goes missing from the lavish May Ball for graduating students and the investigator is asked to find her julia sands escort the college doesn't want the police involved. In fact, Katie endured a sexual assault julia sands escort full view of some 40 male students with only trivial punishments given singapore escorts outcall a couple of individuals. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon.
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Lives in Antofagasta, Chile. Transitional Support Advisor at Juventas Sevices. Studied at Burlingham Horticultural College ' Lives in Norwich, Norfolk. Lives in York, Pennsylvania. Went to Hollywood Professional. From Granada Hills, California. Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Studies at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary ' Lives in Germantown, Maryland. Lives in Santiago, Chile. Went to New London Adult Education. Assistant store manager at Famous Footwear. Went to East Lyme High School.

Lives in Oakdale, Connecticut. Went to Loma Vista Adult Center ' Lots of red herrings for mystery readers. Nicely plottedand good character developmentand sharp rendition of the Cambridge scene. Formatting of book was very poor which made it very difficult to read.

It ruined the telling of the story. I thought this would be an alternative to police procedurals which account for many of the serious British crime stories. The main character is a private investigator Laura Principal and the setting is Cambridge.

I hadn't read the earlier books. This was written in so it inevitably feels dated now, but not so badly as the Morse books about Oxford.

A girl goes missing from the lavish May Ball for graduating students and the investigator is asked to find her because the college doesn't want the police involved. Turns out the girl was earlier mistreated when she waitressed at a men's only student party, and she might make a complaint if the police talk to her. I had immediate doubts that a girl so abused would want to be at a ball among the same crowd of men, it just did not feel true to me. We get a lot of descriptions of the privileged lifestyle and little or nothing of actual student work, but maybe that's in other books of the series.

We don't see the students there on grants or many female students or genuine serious male students, just rich asses of men. So it is a one-sided portrayal. On the other hand, maybe if you socialise at Cambridge these are the people who have the money to party.

Knowing that this is a mystery we naturally suspect the worst when the girl cannot be found. Her separated parents are interviewed, the police are called when a lecturer is found dead.

We get a look at prostitution and the past of women in Cambridge. There are quite a lot of unsatisfying relationship details about Laura and her partner in the agency, but by the end I had stopped caring about that issue since she didn't seem to care much either. Laura cares more - eventually - about finding her missing girl, and follows various tracks. The descriptive writing is enjoyable, such as punting, picnicking, and the ball, but I thought that far too many people were spending far too much time in a room called the Echo room with a violent painting - each of them alone.

Were they taking it in turns? This is a reasonable read, I didn't think it did much to advance the status of women in crime fiction but it is always good to see another viewpoint. En savoir plus sur Amazon Prime. Moyens de paiement Amazon.

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Lives in Antofagasta, Chile. The author had little understanding of the historical implications of her general's career. From Granada Hills, California. En savoir plus sur Amazon Prime. Moyens de paiement Amazon.
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